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Last amended: 2023-01-30


You can reach me by email using any of the identities of my GPG key below.


Key fingerprint (SHA1)

A4B7 19DB AFEA 866F 3377 EEC4 3AFB 59AC 1CA1 C3A9

Import from key server

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --recv-key 0xA4B719DBAFEA866F3377EEC43AFB59AC1CA1C3A9


gpg -v --keyserver hkps:// --auto-key-locate clear,keyserver --locate-keys

Search key on keyserver

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --search-keys 0xA4B719DBAFEA866F3377EEC43AFB59AC1CA1C3A9

Download key from keyserver

Download key from keyserver

Download key from my (this) server

Download key with third-party signatures or without third-party signatures.

Retrieve key from my Web Key Directory (WKD)

gpg -v --auto-key-locate clear,wkd --locate-keys

X.509 key

I am having an X.509 key but I do not use it and I have decided not to publish it.